Fast. Accurate. Impairment Detection.

The Visulyzer tests an individuals ability to drive, work, or function after drinking alcohol, while taking any kind of drugs, or after a traumatic physical injury.

Computerized Testing and Analysis

Users need little or no special training to employ The Visulyzer and perform a series of approved tests and return the results within minutes.

Video Documentation That's Archiveable and Actionable

The results of every test are recorded and can be sent to a laptop or server where they'll be available for proof of probable cause, prosecutors, or healthcare providers.

The Only Device That Tests for Alcohol, Marijuana, and Dangerous Drugs

Law Enforcement

The Visulyzer performs multiple tests including Standardized Field Sobriety Test, Horizontal & Vertical Gaze Nystagmus, and other tests based on the A.R.I.D.E. program developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – all done safely and in minutes.

Industry Applications

Manufacturing and material handlers want to hire and they want to know that their workers are ready and able to do the work. The Visulyzer can administer several simple, non-invasive tests to ensure that workers on the line or behind the wheel are able to perform safely.


On the front lines, in the air, or at sea – our soldiers and their support teams depend on clarity and the ability to make the right decisions in a split second. The Visulyzer can ensure that our armed forces are fit for duty when they report.


First Responders

When an ambulance or EMT team rolls up on an accident or health emergency, they want every tool available to gather information and make the best evaluation and fast decisions possible under difficult conditions. The Visulyzer will help test for neurological dysfunction with immediate results.

Family and School Use

Maybe someone you know plays football at school. Maybe an elderly relative has fallen down. Or someone in your crowd may have had a few too many at the bar. Protect your friends and loved ones from getting in trouble behind the wheel or risking further injury.

An Emerging Market

The Visulyzer is the only tool that provides evidence-based detection of marijuana impairment

Because every individual's tolerance to pot is different, each set of circumstances is unique. It also makes establishing metabolite quantification standards nearly impossible.

The Visulyzer's real-time detection of impairment from marijuana promotes responsible use and ensures fair treatment under the law.

photo of Visulyzer and Marijuana

"…there are currently no evidence-based methods to detect marijuana-impaired driving…"

-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016

The Visulyzer Changes Everything!


Omiga's Visulyzer addresses the critical need for accurate and effective protocols and procedures for impairment detection with wide-ranging applicability for public and work-site safety, law enforcement, and individual rights.

Please note that none of the stories linked in this section endorse Omiga or the Visulyzer, nor are any implications of endorsement by any individual, company, or source are intended. These links are meant to inform readers about the issues surrounding the current issues surrounding impairment and drug testing.

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