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Non-invasive Drug and Alcohol Screening Technology Immediate, Conclusive, and Accurate Results

Omiga: The Last Word in Sobriety Screening

Omiga's non-intrusive field sobriety screening process provides highly accurate alcohol and drug impairment results within moments. The cutting-edge blend of off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software eliminates many of the existing obstacles to current sobriety screening techniques, eliminating subjective findings, reducing training requirements, and streamlining reporting processes to allow for fast and effective enforcement when time truly matters.

Perhaps most important of all, subjects are screened using Omiga's patented process in a completely non-invasive manner and tested for biophysical symptoms that are impossible to mask, whether the intoxicating agent is alcohol, marijuana, or other depressants or stimulants.

Omiga's patented technology detects physiological signs that first appear at the point where physical and cognitive ability is considered legally impaired. These signs are scientifically analyzed and recorded, and the results are reported. Omiga's communications capabilities can transmit customized results to designated recipients, simply record the testing results for future processing, or even disable a vehicle's ignition.

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The Omiga Difference

For Industry

Omiga's technology makes it easy for companies to make sure their employees are safe and ready for situations where a clear mind is critical.

For Law Enforcement

Sobriety detection is critical in many aspects of law enforcement. Omiga's device for SFST (standardized field sobriety testing) helps officers build and record a body of objective evidence

For Individuals

Omiga brings individual users unmatched sobriety screening equipment to ensure only those who are recognized and sober may use personal vehicles.